Sunday, June 9, 2019

Finally transatlantic 6m propagation and a 60m surprise

There finally was some 6m band propagation to/from the west-indies and it gave me a new one. Contacted J69DS Frans from St.Lucia Island. He was defenitely the strongest although I saw some more stations from that area. The propagation went down later but went up again a few hours after this. I made another QSO with 9Y4D who was my record DX last year, does this promise something for the next days? I hope so...

Todays 6m band:

One station, SU1KM from Egypt, was received and I called him several times but didn't make the QSO unfortunately. Strange enough he was also not spotted/plotted in PSK reporter. I hope to make a QSO with him later this season since it would be a new one as well...

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I noticed that the Sao Tome & Principe expedition was on 60m very early this morning. I missed it but then this evening he was on 60m F/H mode. Strong enough to make a QSO least 50 stations called him from Europe every over. This was going to get hard....but in the end I managed to make the QSO. I'm surprised actually that DX is still possible in summer time at daylight...

60m band at the moment I made the QSO:

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  1. Excellent! Always an inspiration to me, but I always seem to lack time for 6m. Grr!


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