Wednesday, June 5, 2019

6m band range without ES propagation

Have been transmitting CQ on 6m for about 20 minutes. Didn't receive a signal at all. So, no ES propagation. Curious what my range is without propagation. I did this before last year and to test the antenna and equipment it is a great reference. I used the IC-7300 FT8 with about 70W output into my 5 element ZX Yagi at 14m agl. Tried calling every direction for a few times.

ODX was OY1OF from Faroer Islands 1244km. I was surprised with the spot from LY2IJ from Lithuania. DX on 6m is interesting but to discover your 6m range without any propagation is sometimes even more fun...

Well, there was not much ES last couple of days. At least not when I was monitoring 6m. However I see DX possebilities are there from southern europe. It seems 6m is always better when you live further south.

Update a few minutes after I wrote this post:


Strange it looks like internet is sometimes very slow....

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