Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Welcome to the future 3

It has been 2013 that I wrote about future radio equipment. Slowly things are developing and both russian Expert Electronics with the SunSDR-MB1 and american Flexradio with the Maestro have been designed around a Software Defined Radio system. Both are equipped with touch screen and various gadgets and options. There are so many possebilities on both radios you cannot describe them all. And just when you think you've tried and found everything on it there will be shure enough a new upgrade firmware available.

I just discovered a new initiative which describe some standard specs for future radios. None of these specs state my idea for a universal mike connection. Though who cares. No one has a mike with cable and connector in the future as everything will be wireless.

Hamradio equipment will change in the near future. Does this affect the average radio operator? I don't know. Building new equipment and new modes will be easier in the future. Though you need to be more a computer programmer then a mechanic I guess.

Hamradio changed a lot in the last 10 years. Look at the WSPR, JT-modes use for HF, digital radio, Software Defined Radio, new antenna designs made with incredible smart software and so much more. I wonder what the Hamradio world will be in 10 years from now...