Friday, June 16, 2023

#6m Angola worked - #60m Kosovo worked

 Both new one on those bands. D2UY took many days and many calls. Working Z66X on 60m was easy, only one call and I was into the log. What a difference...

Many will not see FT8 as valid QSO's. That's their problem. For me it is as valid as any other mode of communication. I don't DX for someone else, it's only to have fun. And fun I had today...

Friday, June 9, 2023

#6m Barbados worked


I didn't realize I have not worked Barbados on 6m before. So it is a new one for me on 6m. I had quite a good report. I've also tried for HC5VF Ecuador but was unable to reach him.

YU7EF duoband antenna installed at PB7Z

 I took a day off the job to bring the new YU7EF duoband antenna to PB7Z and help to install it in his tower.

Bernard has quite a lot of gear in his garden so assembling the antenna was a bit tight but went smooth.

After mounting the antenna in the tower we checked the SWR with the analyzer to verify everything works like it should.

Final installation. Bernard's tower holds a 2 element steppIR, a PKW 40m dipole, the YU7EF 5/5 duoband and a 2m/70cm beam, on top a vertical I think for VHF/UHF.

We checked signals against the reports we gave each other the evening before with his old 3/3 duoband beam. It was weaker and/or equal on both bands. Since there is always some form of propagation it is difficult to test it this way. One of Bernard's first contacts was with D4L on Cape Verde, his report was +00 on FT8.

Monday, June 5, 2023

#4m Switzerland worked


Switzerland is allowed on 4m since a short while. Did not see HB9 before on this band. But propagation was very good today. I managed to work HB9OAB for my 40th DXCC on this band. First new one on 4m this season.