Sunday, August 5, 2018

Taste of magic - 6m at night 4-5 Aug.

Map from spotted stations (note: not everyone spots to PSK reporter!)
I have to admit that since I got the 5 element yagi into the tower I'm a 6m band addict. 50 MHz is the only frequency I'm interested in at this moment. And I tasted the magic again last night! 6m open at night? Yes! And how!

I check the 6m band from time to time and so I did yesterday. But nothing interesting happened during the day or during greyzone. However, just when I wanted to close the station to go to sleep the band suddenly opened. That was very late in the evening around 23 local time (21 UTC). And things went better as after I succesfully worked 2 new DXCC (VE2EBK Canada - 9Y4D Trinidad & Tobago) the band stays open. I even saw HK3W for over half a hour calling CQ. Although it seems only the strongest stations from europe could make it to him. My best DX was 9Y4D (7660km)... although from my log K5XI is from Phoenix AZ he was reported from locator FN65 which is probabely Maine USA? When I went to bed it was 00:30 local time and the band was still open but decreasing slowly.

Below a screenshot from the activity on FT8 on 6m last night just to show what a open 6m band looks like. (Click for a larger picture)

Most of the contacts are already confirmed via LoTW. That's nice but I prefer eQSL because of the pictures...(wish some stations would do more on their QSL design...)

FT8 still is HAMradio! Although some people do think it is not and still stick to SSB and CW. I had my doubts at first last year....but now I see the possibilities and the fun I have DXing on 6m with great results I'm totally into FT8. However if DX could be worked using any other mode I would do that as well. But let's be honest....most of the interesting DX happens on FT8 these days. Especially on 6m.

For those that think I've nothing else on my mind. I do, I have several new hobby projects I'm busy with. Like building a digital field strength meter, refurbishing a HF5B antenna, constructing a portable alu mast, a portable digital system with my broken tablet, a new FT8 mode that has to be tested and so many other things. But it has to wait. I'm also busy with some construction in the house to name a thing besides the hobby...and of course the usual balance that I try to keep between hobby and family.....

Keep coming back to my blog to read new articles, I'll make new posts as soon as time allows!


  1. Hoi Bas, je hebt de smaak wel te pakken op 6m. En gelijk heb je. Een mooie 6 elements yagi, een hoge antenne mast en condities en uiteraard FT8. Je moet het er nu van nemen, hoe het najaar en winter wordt voor 6m moet je maar afwachten maar het antwoord weet je in principe al. Geniet er nu van!
    73 Hans, PE1BVQ

    1. Hans, ik realiseer me wel dat veel lezers die mogelijkheden niet hebben. Voel me nu wel een beetje een snob. Maar goed, uiteindelijk gaat het er om plezier aan de hobby te beleven en je wilt natuurlik altijd verbeteren. 73, Bas

  2. Congratulations, Bas! I am tempted to deploy a 6m Yagi from the /P location! Conditions at E level are unusual this year due to the lowered lyman-alpha (UV) radiation during solar minimum. My only interest really at 6m is aurora - and that is really interesting, though a big beam is not ideal for that.

    Good luck with the autumn conditions!

    1. Thanks John, I've done some auroral "DX" on 11m in the past but never experienced it since I'm licensed. It has my interest as well. You've much more experience in the field of propagation studies and hope to read much more about it on your blog. 73, Bas


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