Wednesday, 18 October 2017

30m band magnetic loop test with the W5OLF WSPR VCXO-AXE

I almost forget about the small transmitter I have and built in 2015. The right transmitter to test my magnetic loop in practice. And while setting it up it seems it leads to a solution for a tuning indicator I was writing about before. What about the simple field strength meter I built in 2014?

Well, you see how it is positioned. But I have room enough in the box to build one in! I still have a old SWR meter as a donor for parts. Why didn't I have this idea earlier? It's so simple and it works great.

At first I thought something went wrong as only 2 spots were collected last night. But this evening checking the WSPR watch app on my iphone it seems my 1 watt signal is spotted at least in a 900km radius.

I'm running the transmitter on a small 12V battery and actually don't know if it has enough power. The W5OLF WSPR transmitter only does 1W at 10V which is only provided by the voltage regulator when the battery is fully charged. Another idea I have now is to build in a small digital voltage meter like in my homemade power suplly so I can check the battery, there is room for it but of course it will take some extra current from the battery. Thinking about that.

Amateurradio is fun!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Create RC5-3 rotor overhaul (2)

Well, the first post about the Create rotor did actually have more pictures from the Kenpro in it and I should rename it to Kenpro KR600 overhaul, though it all happened in 2006.  I received the potmeter for the create rotor and installed everything, it does a fine job. However, since the create needs 6 holes to bolt it to the tower and the Kenpro only 4. Not shure what I will use. I might renew the potmeter in the Kenpro as well and use it again. Selling the create will give me some money to buy other hardware I need for the tower.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Beautiful autumn weather

Sorry for those in Ireland experiencing bad weather and large winds. In the Netherlands we have some of the best sunny days of the year. Temperature about 20 degrees celcius. Influenced by some of PC4T Paul's videos I made one of our garden...enjoy!

For those that say it has nothing to do with hamradio....well a secret shot related to radio is included...
Curious who spots it?