Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Fast repair A99 vertical


Not that I intend to use the vertical again on short notice. But I would like to have it ready for future experiments. I suspected the vertical to be broken and I was right. The glasfiber fibers can have much tension but it will age and splice in the end.

I don't really use this A99 as CB antenna. The actual radiator inside was broken already long time ago. This antenna is approx 30 years old, so I can't blame the manufacturer. It has withstand a lot of large windgusts and although the glasfiber has been sliced it didn't break completely yet.

This glasfiber vertical is used as a bearer for several experiments. The latest was a clone/idea of a very populair vertical antenna made in the UK.

I decided to cut off the sliced part which was about 10cm (4 inch). And glued the connection nut with a special 2 component glue. I think it is strong enough to last for another decade. At least I have it ready for a next experiment.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Comments on blogger


Google seem to have changed some things in blogger. It is especially difficult now to leave any comment on a blogpost when you keep the comments form at the same page as the post. Whatever I do it is not possible to get a  login authentication to leave a comment with your google account. I tried this at some other blogger blogs as well and have the same problem. So it is not any fault on my blog that's causing this. A workaround would be leaving a message with your e-mail URL to indentify yourself.

The solution I found so far is to change the comments form in the settings so that it is popping up in a separate window. It shows up with the comments form we used to have and it seems to be working fine now.

I will review any comments before posting when a comment is left on posts from 7 days or older.