Sunday, January 22, 2023

TBDXC no more.

   I just received an e-mail from Pete MM0TWX that the True Blue DX Club has ended. Including the nice TBDXC marathon that is. You can find more info as long as it is online on the website:

Pete came to the conclusion that amateurradio without using FT8 isn't possible for most HAMs. Only a few die hards are DXing with SSB/CW only. But it is just less as anticipated. It was a noble thought I think, but you can't fight the change in this hobby. It is how we DX these days....

I've never been a member but I really liked the marathon. I use whatever mode I'm able to use to DX. But I always prefer SSB. Unfortunately these days that is not always possible. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

What is experimental radio research?

   Experimental radio research refers to the study and exploration of new and innovative technologies, techniques, and methods in the field of radio communication. This can include the development of new modulation schemes, the use of novel materials and devices, and the investigation of new frequency bands and propagation methods. Experimental radio research is a way to test the limits of radio communication systems, to find new ways to improve current systems, and to explore new possibilities for future technologies. This research can be conducted by academic researchers, government agencies, and private companies, and it often involves the use of advanced equipment and facilities, such as high-powered transmitters and specialized measurement equipment. But also hamradio can contribute to this research by doing experiments using homemade kits, very low power or high power and SDR. Some specific areas of experimental radio research include cognitive radio, software defined radio, RF energy harvesting, and wireless communication in extreme environments.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

#60m TN8K Rep. of the Congo worked

 Not particular proud of this contact. Wish I could do it another way. TN8K finally showed up on 60m FT4 when I actually had time to listen. But I didn't see them at all. FT4 being not the most sensitive mode of course. Later in the evening I did receive some weak signals covered by QRM. I managed to get a report 2 times but was unable to receive his RR73. However, it seems he did receive mine at the second contact.

I have to write, regarding the reports they gave, they seem to have a incredible receive. They also have a live log online. I checked my first contact, not in the log. tried again and the log.

Of course it prevents working dupes. On the other hand the title of this post could also be... "The way we work DX on HF these days". If you search on google you will quickly find their live real time log on the internet. It is just a matter of trying and even without an RR73 you will know if you are in the log by looking at this log.

Of course that is not the meaning of this, but it is possible. Interesting to see that TN8K makes FM contacts on 10m at the same time. Propagation has to be really good it seems. At least I worked my first 60m new one of 2023 today.