Monday, 11 December 2017

Bouvet personal propagation prediction

You can find your personal propagation prediction for Bouvet Island here.

Very nice service from this most expensive DXpedition ever. I'll bet every serious DXer in the HAMradio community want to work them.

With my modest setup I can only hope for a contact!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

#28MHz ARRL 10m contest review

Event: ARRL 10m contest
Section: Mixed (SSB/CW)
Logger: HRD log converted with log converter
Station: Icom IC-706 MK2G 100W
Antenna: Multiband vertical at 9m agl

Well, never expected but there appeared to be some ES sunday afternoon. It was good enough to run for about half a hour which resulted in a few QSO extra. I had even less time for the contest today compared to yesterday but in the few times I slipped in to the shack and turned the VFO I made a lot of QSOs after all. Best DX today was V51YJ from Namibia.

 I made 65 QSOs into 23 DXCC in the end. 32 QSOs on CW and 33 QSOs on SSB. You can call that 50/50! However I think I logged some of the CW QSOs with the wrong progressive number, sorry for that.

I really never expected the band would be open like this. Every time I went to my shack there were signals on the band and I could work some stations. If I had time enough I certainly would be able to make a lot more QSOs for shure. I had a lot of fun though and will look out for next years ARRL 10m contest.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

#28MHz 10m surprises me again!

Yes, 10m surprises me. I didn't have any propagation expectation at all and looking at the propagation last couple of days I did not expect to make many QSO's at all.

SFI:69 SN:11 A:10 K:1 today, does that tell much? Well the K index is low and that's good, the rest is all bad.

But I heard VK3KCX three times this morning on WSPR! So, that was promising!
Didn't have much time to contest though so it was 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there. I decided to do mix mode CW/SSB to spread my chances. At first I logged with N1MM+ but it went wrong at the first QSO already so I changed to HRD and DM780. Unfortenately that is not really a contest logger but it does serve well under difficult situations like this. However I logged and give some wrong numbers and so the log is not complete. I can always send in my log as checklog as fun is the most important thing here.

19 stations were worked today and most memorable contact was with FR4QT from Reunion Isl. Africa on SSB!