Friday, November 19, 2010

First PSK QSO with the FT-817

You wouldn't believe it but miracles happen. Just setup the FT-817 on 80m PSK31 on low power 0,5W just to see if some of the PSK reporters would copy me. There was only one station that couldn't resist calling when he received me and that was Julian G4ILO. We could barely copy each other as there was also a contest going on with lots of signals. Actually I didn't see any trace from Julian, but could still copy him. I think this is truly one of these miracle contacts. Thanks for the QSO Julian...eQSL has been sent.
By the way, don't look at the picture too much, I still had the Icom 706 on the computer to show the freq. as I do not have the possebility to connect the FT-817 CAT yet. And of course standard report 599 was corrected later...


  1. It was the "ON AIR" widget on your blog that clued me up as to what you were doing. It flashed up while I was reading so I tuned to the same frequency, started KComm's PSK Browser and after a couple of minutes there you were.

    I couldn't believe that you were running 500mW. 80m is a tough band for low power. I was running 40W to my attic dipole but I guess most of it wasn't going in your direction. Despite the contest QRM my K3 pulled you out of the noise. I'm pleased to have the chat, eQSL has been sent, and I look forward to the next one under better conditions!

  2. Hello Bas, always nice to catch up one of our blog radio friends. Your loop doing a great job. Good weekend and 73 Paul

  3. @Julian, tnx for the chat. First QSO in PSK with the FT-817. I really think this was amazing. Actually I didn't believe it myself,so I checked the radio and power meter twice. Modulated in PSK with no ALC reading on the meter I actually did peak 400mW. It's like that fish you catch, it's getting bigger and bigger ;-)
    I plan to make another youtube movie of my quad loop and try to relate it to the house and other antennas so you can see what monster it is. Unfortenately I can only have it up in XYL doesn't like a bit of it.

    @Paul, de loop is werkelijk fantastisch. Vandaag weer in de 11 stedencontest. Kreeg gewoon klachten dat ik spetterde bij een aantal engelse stations. Volgens de info op internet hangt hij nu op een ideale hoogte (0,1 golflengte) een 1,5 mtr hoger als vorig jaar.

    73, Bas


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