Monday, May 17, 2021

Rebel's busted!

Reminds me of my earlier blogpost about 3W3RR Romeo. Like history repeats itself. Dom is absolutely a rebel, that's for shure...

Update 20-5-2021: Some views on this topic by AE5X:


  1. Follow along here as the story unfolds:,133482.0.html

    John AE5X

    1. Tnx John, I grab my popcorn now and enjoy ;-) ;-) 73, Bas

    2. Actually, the background - which should be read first for proper context - is here:,11.0.html

    3. Oops - here it is:,133347.0.html

    4. John, my popcorn supply was not enough. I absorbed it all. Some people take this DXCC program far too seriously. It's just a hobby...Personally I don't care if someone is on a boat or not. I worked J88HF (he's on a boat) on 60m after I helped him getting rid of some RFI (he's dutch). For me he is valid. Others hold on to the ARRL DXCC rules, I respect that, hope they respect others as well. 73, Bas

    5. I'm with you, Bas - if they're pier-side and legally there, they count for me. But the ARRL rules DXCC so DXpeditions have to play along. I see the ARRL's point - they have to draw the line somewhere and in a way that can be applied universally. But in the case of Dom and J88HF, who've cleared customs and are tied to a pier, they should be considered as being in the countries that the local authorities deem them to be in.

      More popcorn!



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