Sunday, May 9, 2021

6/4 duoband beam repair

 Decided to work on the repairs first thing saturday morning. Before unexpected super ES would appear. 

The strange thing is that you don't see this at the other elements. Only the 210cm long 4m reflector broke in two. 

I decided 2 take 2 half elements connected by another smaller tube inside. I glued the tube so it will not shift. It increases the wall thickness to 2mm now. I got other suggestions like a wooden stick inside or a piece of POM rod (industrial plastic also known as Delrin). If I could get solid alu rod I would probabely take that.

Repaired and ready to go... I did make some 4m and 6m contacts. But signals were not that strong this weekend. 

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  1. Good evening Bas, very good idea and I am sure as you said the strength of the elements will be very much increased now.....ready for the weather to put it to the test.


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