Friday, May 14, 2021

First transatlantic 2021 on 6m


Another good day on 6m and 4m. This morning I was called unexpected by 9K2NO (Kuwait). First transatlantic was with VO1HP (Canada) on 6m FT4, not shown on the PSK reporter map unfotunately? Did see more north america but only 2 stations show up in the map, don't know why? VO1HP was very strong with signals from -4 to -2dB. I did my best to do also some SSB on 6m which gave me a small pile up primarely stations from Italy. I also did my best to do SSB on 10m today and had some really nice QSOs with Ireland, England and Wales. I really enjoyed it and think I will do many more SSB QSOs this summer. We had some very strong ES to Ireland on 4m in the evening. I'm now focusing on working some new ones on 6m and 4m. 

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