Tuesday, February 16, 2021

More maps...


Some people asked me how to make the map I showed in the previous post. That's easy, I use this site:

The disadvantage unfortunately is that is will not display all contacts since the locators are unknown. Now, how on earth did I make these maps in this post? Well, it's made with the service from N9MS Mike. He made a great tool for licensed HAMradio operators and extracts the individual locators from the info found on QRZ.com. To register you need to be registered on QRZ.com as well and have a valid e-mail adres on your QRZ account. You can find the service here:

When you upload a ADIF file you will also get an e-mail which shows you which stations are on the map and which do not. Stations that don't have a acoount on QRZ will not be showed. On my maps that are made with the ADIF log from the PACC there are 280 stations, 20 are not found on QRZ.com. I think because I logged them wrong. I suspect that I will have a very high error rate this year...

Anyway, the maps look very nice and it gives a nice overview. If you make use of the QSOmap service please consider to do a small donation to keep it online.

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