Friday, February 26, 2021

First 60m ATNO in 2021 - A71AE Qatar

 Have been looking for this station for a while. However he is not on 60m very often. When he is, he's most wanted of course. And with the amount of stations on 60m these days working DX like this is extremely difficult. A first try, I was almost confident he managed to make it.

Unfortunately A71AE was covered by the signal from UR6QV who was on exact the same frequency. But since a slot later he gave CQ I assumed he had been transmitting a 73. Anyway, I decided to ask Mubarak by e-mail. He responded quickly that I was not in the log and should give it another try.

After trying for what looks like a 100 times:

I finally made it. The first new one on 60m this year. Of course I'm happy though checking his clublog upload I'm still not in the log. Mysteriously because to me the screenshot shows enough evidence. It was not a pirate station hopefully!!! I saw lots of others making a QSO, if no one is in the log then it definitely is a pirate...

Update 10-03-2021:

I managed to work A71AE again and this time I appear in his log. I probabely worked a pirate station before?


  1. Good work Bas - I see EU stations working the mid-east at times but I can never copy them myself on 60m.

    1. Hello John, it seems to be very difficult. I got some e-mails regarding this post from stations in the USA that would love to work the middle east stations. We don't see them very often. And if we do everyone jumps on them...making it even more difficult for those far away. 73, Bas

  2. Bas, have you experimented with FST4 on 60m or any of the low bands? It might be fun to see if we could make contact on 80 meters with a 30-sec T/R time. If you feel like setting up a sked, let me know.

    73 - John AE5X

    1. I never tried FST4 or Q65 before. But would love to make a sked. We have to find out what the best time would be...73, Bas


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