Saturday, February 6, 2021

Historical radio stories

 In the past few years I wrote a number of interesting historical posts which I want to promote a little. Got some inspiration from AE5X who wrote some interesting historical stories on his blog. Except if you experienced things yourself it takes a lot of effort to write these stories since you have to do some homework to verify if stories really happened. Some evidence with photo or video is always appreciated but sometimes have a copyright so you cannot publish everything before asking. I hope I will come across interesting historical topics in the future to write about on this blog.

The picture above found somewhere on facebook. A radio operator in a bomber plane. Probabely in WW2. Fascinating. Would really love to hear the story about this picture...

Interesting historical posts:

About a small house on Terschelling island. Built as a listening post for the navy secret intelligence and later used for all kind amateur radio purposes.

About the tugboat "Holland" and the callsign PESK.

About the development of the first Walky Talky and it's first time use in my area.

About illigal resistance radio operator Dirk Rustema PA0DR nickname "Joop" who was from my area.

About PA0DR memorabilia.

About PA0DR as radio operator after the war.

From AE5X:

The use of radio during a epedemic lockdown in 1937

Morse code use at a submarine distaster in 1927

About a FM transmitter built by AE5X in the ninetees of last century

About SWL adventures from AE5X when he was in the navy

About spies "number stations" on 40m.

About a WW2 secret radiostation in neutral Switzerland

SOS to the rescue 1935 book review

About John's time on a submarine and technology on board

About the 1914 Vibroplex blue racer

1975 CW audio

About the polish underground in WW2


  1. Thanks for the links Bas. Although I do like reading history, and paraphrasing events if they contain a radio-related aspect, I also wonder if the dates of my postings correspond to poor solar/band conditions! Poor conditions = more reading on my part...not necessarily a bad thing.


    1. Thanks John, your reading and writing is appreciated. I like to read historic books as well especially if it is radio related, 73, Bas

  2. Don't know about the officer or aircraft, but the radio set seems to be British:

  3. On another glance, it does seem to be a Lancaster bomber.

    1. A bit of searching reveals a lot, tnx for the link. Interesting!

  4. You may also know VP9LP, still very active, who let the world know about the Argentine invasion of the Falklands. Several amateurs claimed to have been the first to receive the news in the UK, including on on Anglesey. But many would appear to have received it, as you would expect for a general transmission, simultaneously.

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    1. Of course made many QSOs with Bob. Didn't know he was in contact with the BBC man at that time. Interesting story for shure. One of those historical radio stories not to forget. 73, Bas

  6. Thanks for this post Bas - as John (AE5X) said, it's always nice to find such interesting posts when the bands are quiet and outdoor activities are so limited.

    73, Tom, M7MCQ

    1. Tnx Tom, I hope you'll find some interesting articles to read. 73, Bas


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