Thursday, February 11, 2021

First 2021 ATNO - Barbados 8P4AA WSPR 40m


After the drift test yesterday evening and posting something about it on this blog I totally forgot the radio/computer was still on. Till I remember it late this morning. Checked VK7JJ excellent WSPR site and found out I was just heard in Barbados counting for number 94 in my WSPR DXCC list.


  1. Well done! Surprising amount of activity from Barbados, which is very nice to see. I agree the Vk7JJ is extremely good, especially now that feedback fromusers (me!) has seen the night time overlay retained during a refreshed search.

    1. So far I didn't see any station from Barbados receiving yet till today. I really like the VK7JJ site, excellent. 73, Bas


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