Wednesday, October 10, 2018

JS8Call quicky

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I'm a little late with a JS8Call review. But this evening I finally had time to download and install the program. First of all I copied FT8Call.ini from the "local" directory and renamed it to JS8Call.ini and (re)placed it in the new JS8Call directory. That way I didn't have to configure the program again. However propagation seems not to be very well. Or at the moment I called there were not many users? I seem to have a almost solid HF path on 20m with F1ABL, he's always giving me a report. Then I made a round 20-30-40-80-160m. Not many around not even on 40m. I noticed the reports and conversations are all stored per band, very nice. The ALLCALL? is replaced by the BEACON. That way you can always check who did give a report and heard you. You can see the calls that hear you with a star before their call in the heard list. At least I got a report from PJ7DH Derek from Sint Maarten on 20m, a nice distance. Although signal was low, but that doesn't matter with JS8Call. Since frequencies are quit very low signals are still decoded. Excellent for QRP, mobile and portable digital use.

Another feature for portable use is the sync time manually. I tried to figure out how it worked but
since I didn't see any signal I couldn't do any sync, at least not on a signal.But I'm shure it will work in a emergency situation. You need to activate the window "show time drift controls" to see this feature.

I really like the configurability of this software. And it is still being developed. Of course it is not a DX program or mode and it is not for log filling. I've been playing with it while portable and it worked very well. You can make contact even under difficult circumstances and instantly see who is hearing you. There might not always be a operator at the other side but then there are possebilities enough to play with. And while playing with JS8Call switched over to 40m again.....then this happened:

 VK7BO Alan from Tasmania (Australia) did give me a report! Yes, that's from the other side of our globe.

Yellow 20m, Blue 40m, Pink 80m JS8 spots. Did I mention bad propagation before?? Something about JS8Call not a mode for DX? Well....

More info on the official JS8Call site:


  1. It starts to become boring, I spend hours on the frequency but there is no one around. Lot of beacons and automatic answers. But when I CQ no one comes back ... other than automatic SNR reports.

    1. Yep, this evening even no signals on my waterfall. However VK7BO gave me the report after I asked for it with HW CPY?. But actually You shouldn't spend hours trying for a conversation. If there is no one out to talk to there are always other modes and things to try. Personally I like the quick beacon function especially when portable and when in a hurry like me this evening. I've seen it, I've tried it and now I'm back on 60m DX. 73, Bas

  2. Woah, Sync time manually ! Awesome. I had to turn the time sync on and off to get it straightened out. N6GRG

    1. It's a great feature that would be nice in WSJT-X as well. I really like this software. If only propagation would be slightly better....73, Bas


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