Thursday, October 11, 2018

10 years PE4BAS weblog

I can't believe I started this blog 10 years ago today. At October 11 2008 I posted a picture from my temporary shack after we just moved into this house. The second floor is only partly been rebuilt and there is so much to do. We need at least another 10 years to do it all. I'm lucky that the radioshack is ready and there is a place in the house to fit all my radio gear and other hobby things. At the moment that I posted the article I just had a new mobile phone that featured blogger as a app. So actually it was just for fun and to test the app. But I had much more to tell and to share about the hobby and slowly this blog became part of my radio hobby. Through my blog I did meet other people around the Netherlands and worldwide. Not only from my neighbourhood and not only from on-air contacts. I still think it is a great addition to my hobby. Some of you know that I almost stopped with the hobby because I was very limited in time. But when I wrote this on my blog I got help from you readers to manage my time and to find a way to still enjoy the hobby. The antenna tower was a big issue but after 10 years it finally did rise and I'm so happy it is there now. In the past 10 years I also read blogs from other radio enthousiasts, some blogs are already gone, others are still there. Sometimes I find a new blog and read new personal stories about the hobby. I like to share my experiences as there are not many people around that are hamradio operators, it's a small world. I never much shared statistics here but I'm proud to have between 7000-10000 readers per month. That's a huge audience.

As you can see the article most read is about FT8 digimode written just after it was thrown into the world. I never thought about the huge impact it would have on HAMradio at that time just over a year ago. The article about the repair of a Diamond CP-6 multiband antenne is second best. Actually it is a youtube video not even made by me! The large peak you see in the chart are not visitors but a attack probabely by russian hackers. Once and a while they seem to be trying something though I don't know why and what. Many times I've thought about to stop with this blog after 10 years. But I still enjoy writing and have enough ideas. So I'll continue for a while I guess...


  1. Welcome to the new shack Bas!

    Mmy spare bedroom/shack is in a state of flux too, but should be back on air soon!

    73 Steve

  2. Hello Bas

    Ten years seems long but look at how fast our kids grow up: what's a year?
    Glad to see you keep up the writing. Always interesting to see what the other guys are doing in our hobby. Have fun!

    Franki ON5ZO

  3. Bas, your blog is one of a (very!) few of which I read every posting. Hopefully for another 10 years...
    73 - John AE5X

  4. Well done on 10 years Bas! The best thing about Blogger is that you can go away and come back and your blog will still be there, not like all those guys with their callsign dot com pages which expired.

    I think the blog is part of the hobby. It's always interesting to read other blogs like yours to get a feel for what others are doing.

  5. Hallo Bas, gefeliciteerd met je 10 jarig bestaan van je blog. Nog vele jaren te gaan. 73 Paul PAØK

  6. Proficat Sebastiaan! Dat had jij ook niet verwacht dat je na 10 jaar zo'n succesvol blog zou hebben. Een prachtig blog met altijd interessante verhalen en items die met onze mooie hobby te maken hebben. Je blog is een voorbeeld voor anderen die zeer weinig op hun blog schrijven of de grootste onzin schrijven om maar wat op hun blog te hebben staan en die vaak niets met de hobby te maken hebben. Ik sta er nog steeds versteld van met welke snelheid jij het ene na het andere interessante item publiceer. Soms kan ik dat niet bijbenen. Geweldig.
    Je mag best wel een beetje trots op jezelf zijn, want je flikt het maar weer! Ga zo door voor de volgende 10 jaar enz. Ik blijf je volgen. Goed weekend, 73 Hans, PE1BVQ.


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas