Saturday, November 21, 2015


Today, saturday. Together with my daughter. Weather was too bad to play outside. Since we were done inside the house we went out. We drove the car to the always attracting coast. The growing industrial site Eemshaven is growing fast and there is always something new to see. This time it is the SAIPEM 7000 pipelay crane vessel. Wow, you can see it from far here. It's just like it is in my backyard. Unfortenately on my photo it doesn't look big, but it is...we enjoyed the beautiful sky and stayed inside the car as the wind blowing from sea was really icecold.

Incredible but besides this all I managed to squeak out for 5 minutes and work a new one! I was playing with a android phone I got since a few days and just installed the DXfun DX cluster app. Just testing and looking at it I discovered PJ7K was on 12m. So I told my daughter that I was on the radio for 5 minutes and made the QSO! I'm not really a fan of these touchscreen magic smartphones but I think this is really something useful. I also installed the HRDlog app for logging, very handy and it uploads instantly to which is displaying the latest contacts on this blog (right side) here. That way it is not always neseccary to start the desktop or laptop to log the QSO. Importing in the logbook can be done afterwards as the app can make a ADIF that can be send via e-mail.

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