Monday, November 2, 2015

PC7X's innovative repeater status page

Although not a frequent user of VHF/UHF repeaters I found this website lately. Wow, what a great page. It can show and you can listen to PI2NOS, PI3UTR, PI6TEN (10m repeater!) and PI2NON (Coversity) here in the Netherlands. Features include a audiostream, real time and historic (1 hour), so you can listen to your own conversation afterwards! Be careful what you tell on the repeater as everyone can prove what you told now and hopefully this will prevent improper use. You can find all locations with photos. You can see signals and repeater "entered". So you're able to check antenna's or different radios/HTs, different power levels etc. Very nice site with lots of features. PI6TEN would be interesting for stations outside the Netherlands as you can check propagation and hear yourself via this website. The repeater system is now on a level that it is possible to cover the entire country from your mobile or portable setup from almost everywhere in the country. Tell me, what other country has a innovative site like this? repeater page


  1. Hallo Bas,
    Het is inderdaad een mooi systeem maar niet voor alle zendamateurs. Vele, zoals ik, willen gewoon de lokale repeater terug voor interne communicatie en hebben geen belang bij gesprekken vanuit de andere zijde van Nederland.
    Ach, ieder zijn hobby zo ook ieder zijn wensen. 73 Hans PE1BVQ

    1. Hallo Hans, tja daar zit wat in. Persoonlijk ben ik niet zo een repeater man. Geef mij maar HF, kortegolf, piepjes, kraakjes, ruis en storing. 73, Bas


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