Thursday, November 19, 2015

EU cookie notice in blogger...

You might notice that a annoying message is showing up at top of your blog about cookies. This is only when you live in Europe. But does affect all blogger blogs. Very annoying as it is showing on top of your header. I would like to invite all amateurradio bloggers who have blogger blogs (most of the blogs are) to modify this message and customize it. I've done it and I think it's not that annoying anymore. You can switch off the message but it is likely that your blog will be banned! The solution can be found on this page:

Most important part:

1. Go To blogger > Template > Backup your template
(In Dutch : Je kan dit vinden onder "Sjabloon" en dan klikken op de link onder "Live op Blog"

2. Click Edit HTML


You can make the following customizations if you want:

Replace the black bolded text with any message you may like.
If you want you can replace the yellow highlighted link with your Custom Privacy Statement page else you can leave it as it is because the default link points to Blogger's Privacy page for Cookies info.

To change Notice Bar background color edit #333333
To change the green border that appears at the bottom of the bar edit #6FC415
To change the background color of Buttons edit #6FC415
To change the font color edit #dddddd

4. Save your template and you are all done!

Have problems? I've done it and can help...

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