Saturday, November 14, 2015

Extreme milliwatting

Have done it before last year. I just thought to do it again. WSPR on 80m with only 10mW (on the horizontal 80m loop). Not that it will give me DX. But nice to see I've been heard by several stations with good "ears".

I noticed some stations claiming less power then they actually use. Sometimes you see reports from only one time frame and other time frames are higher power. Like 0,005W and 5W or 0,1W and 1W. Probabely some stations notice after a first run and change settings afterwards. I always check with this fast calculator before I setup my power to transmit. 0,01W = 10dBm in my case.


  1. Good work Bas. Amateur radio at its best from you.

    1. With good results Roger. At least I was satisfied. Will try more extreme next time with 5mW. 73, Bas


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas