Friday, November 20, 2015

Frysian 11 cities contest this Sunday

Route of the skating event
Event: Frysian 11 cities contest, Sunday 22 Nov.2015

For those wo don't know this contest: this is related to the legendary 11 cities skating tour. It is a Dutch (Frysian) contest although international hamradio operators are invited to participate. This contest is only on the 80m and 2m band. Duration is 3 hours from 10-13 UTC (11-14 local time). The exchange is the QSL region number + QTH name. Multipliers are the 11 cities from the tour + a extra multiplier (Bartlehiem) which is a legendary place in the skating tour. It is a fun contest as you hear most strange city names you never heard from before. It is also fun to hunt the multipliers which are not always easy to work.

Rules in english can be found HERE.

Foreign stations only have to give a report and their QTH name as exchange.

Reviews (incl. video on some) from past contests can be seen here on this blog:

If you want to participate this form can be very handy.

Hope to work some of you blogreaders in the contest. I really would like to see some more international callers in this contest as it is not for Dutch amateurs only!

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