Thursday, September 3, 2015

New tools

Our main food supplier (LIDL) had some tools for sale I really wanted to have. You really don't want to miss these when you are doing experimental radio research....

I really don't know how they made it for these prices. I guess it came from China before the crisis there. I couldn't resist buying it as my last engraving tool is beyond repair. The extra "hand" is always helpfull especially with the magnifying glass, it has 2 LEDs for lightning and batteries are included. Incredible....

Now some projects...


  1. They do some great tools over here, Aldi too!

    Great VFM..

    73 Steve


    1. Absolutely Steve, have some tools from Aldi as well. Not the best quality but cheap. I don't have to use the tools in het pro environment. Good enough for me... 73, Bas


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