Friday, September 11, 2015

Balloon foxhunt 2015 (prediction)

I can cut and past the story but why bother. Find it here! The balloon will fly at Sunday.

The weather doesn't look promising (rain). So I am curious what the outcome will be. Last year I made the prediction too early. And made a last prediction when te balloon was already in the air. Showing complete different paths. Even if you predict when the balloon is flying there are many variables that are not predictable. I wish I could do a real time balloon foxhunt once together with some friends. However time and distance is a problem right now.

It is always nice to follow the signals and if you have some really good sat antennas like PE1BVQ has it is possible you can make some QSOs via the transponder. Years ago making a QSO via the balloon transponder was also possible with just a simple vertical but since interest in this project is growing the transponder is just to busy and you really need to have the strongest signal.

Since I probabely don't have time to do a prediction tomorrow I do one now. It shows a path to the north, probabely landing in the Flevopolder or Friesland. It could even land in water....Most of the times the path is south or east, this north path doesn't happen too often. I will run a prediction when the ballon has been launched because last year the launch was 30 minutes later as planned. This could be a very interesting balloon foxhunt this year....

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