Saturday, September 5, 2015

Inside a IKEA flashlight

 My daughter had a IKEA flashlight. The model that you have to charge yourself. I broke inside after it felt on a hard floor.
 It is a amazing designed machine with a acceleration device using gear wheels.
Driving this small generator. Yes the flywheel is magnetic...
 Generated power goes to this small board containing not only 1 diode for rectifying but a complete bridge for double side rectifying using both positive as negative components from the generated AC.

 No batteries but a modern 1 Farad capacitor to store the current.

 Feeding 3 LED lights for some minutes when the cap is fully loaded. My daughter enjoyed it for a few years till now.

5 years old and a electronics degree already. We fixed the technical side but were unable to fix the mechanics. I made the suggestion for a small experimental windmill...


  1. hahaha, i also tear this down, ,here is the link:

    1. Tnx for the link. The price on Amazon is really expensive. Technology wise it is a interesting device! 73, Bas


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