Friday, May 8, 2015

Intriguing QSL card

Nothing has intriguing me more then this QSL which was received last month. What is it? And why did I publish the card on the side? Well to answer the last question, look at the trees! To answer the first question the search begins. I found the QSL manager from PI4APD, PE2K Adriaan and send him a e-mail but he did only answer that it was not a antennatower or antenna but a artwork. What artwork, where? Then last week I remembered a trick I saw on the TV show Catfish. Search the internet with a sample photo. But even that proved to be very difficult. I must have seen around 500 photos before I found what I looked for. The artwork is called "Needle tower" and made by a artist called Kenneth Snelson. There are 2 versions of this freestanding tower made with tubes and wire. Needle tower 1 is standing in Washington DC, USA and needle tower 2 stands in Otterlo, Netherlands.

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I'm glad I found this finally as the QSL picture kept my mind busy. The designer of the card did a very good job as I'm certain I'm not the only one that wishes to know what it was.


  1. Simply attach a 4:1 balun, a 1m counterpoise and off you go!

    1. You may not touch this artwork John. So we need a detachable clamp to connect a wire and balun and someone that dares to attach it to this. It shure is a unique antenna then. 73, Bas


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