Tuesday, May 12, 2015

1st week PE45FREE - Quick NVIS wire

Quick wire in preparation
Not satisfied with the performance of my vertical on 40m I decided to take some wire and make a quick NVIS endfed. I threw out 20m copper electricity wire over the garden to a quick glasfiber mast of about 5m high. Fed with my antennatuner in the shack it did a reasonable job on 40m now. 110 SSB QSOs were made in one evening. Pile-up was constant. Unfortenately didn't have time to do it again. I was able to make QSOs mostly on 30m PSK/RTTY every evening. Have been trying 17m and 20m but even spotting myself didn't do the trick. Only 2 or 3 stations responded and I couldn't create a pile-up. I think those bands would be better at full daylight. But I don't have time to be on the radio then. I tried to participate in a  RTTY contest last weekend but made only 1 QSO. Bands were not busy at all here. Could be propagation? Anyway, I'm at 450 QSOs now and still having fun. I still hope for at least 1000 QSOs at the end of the PE45FREE activation.

Till now I worked PA45FREE, PC45FREE and PD45FREE with my own call. Hope to work at least 5 or work PA45FREEDOM this weekend to obtain 45 points for the Freedom award.


Haven't worked much bloggers yet? Were are you guys? Only PC4T is in the log as far as I know!
By the way, I still didn't make a eQSL account as all available time is spend to make QSOs. I will probabely make a PE45FREE account after the activation. So, be patient....

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