Saturday, May 23, 2015

3rd week PE45FREE - log around the world

Anyone, anywhere need a QSO with me as special event PE45FREE?. If you want a sked please find my e-mail address on and let me know, I'll see what is possible. I have 5 days to go but have limited time at daylight. The last day of the event (28th of may) I will try to be QRV in the morning from approx. 6- 10 UTC. Preferable SSB mode. Search for PE45FREE in the DXsummit cluster to see when I have been QRV and where for best times.

I had limited time last week and didn't make that many QSOs. I find that most interest is on SSB as I get best pile-ups there. Especially  interested are the east-europeans and russia. Although it could be a matter of propagation.

I'm sorry if all of you don't care about these last 3 posts. I know running and working a special event station is pretty boring. I actually never work SES stations myself as I am not interested. But let's face it. There are different ways to enjoy the hobby, some do this some do that. The nice thing of this SES activity was the activation of the whole row of Netherlands letter prefixes PA-PH. As far as I know this was never been done before and a very nice initiative. I'm having fun this month running pile-ups and work nice DX very early in the morning. Something I rarely experience or did before.

Hope to work some of my readers in the last 5 days of the event...


  1. Hallo Bas, gewoon doorgaan en genieten, van het er mee bezig zijn.
    Ik denk wel eens in het laatste uur van een contest: Waarom? of: waarom zou ik? Het zijn de krenten in de pap, waar je achteraf van kunt genieten. Die had je niet willen missen. 73, Bert

    1. Hallo Bert, ik ga gewoon door. Nog een paar dagen en het is weer over. Vond het toch leuk om te doen al is wel alle radio tijd (en meer) er in gaan zitten. Van te voren niet gedacht er zoveel tijd voor vrij te maken maar elke dag een paar QSO's is toch wel leuk. 73, Bas


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas