Sunday, November 27, 2011

CQWW CW 2011

Saturday: Well, I did switch on the radio this Saturday morning. But had only limited time. First QSO was made late in the afternoon on 10m. But 10m did close early, so down to 15m. Only 9 QSOs made till now only with the USA and Canada. Hopefully I do have more time for it at Sunday.

Sunday: Switched on the radio and computer late Sundaymorning. But no time till about 14:30 UTC. I concentrated on the 10m band and made some QSOs. Most of them with the USA and Canada again. CW is more luck then wisdom for me, the computer does most of the work. Then I came across the signal of 5X1NH Uganda, a couple of calls later I made the QSO. New DXCC all band and on 10m. 10m closed early again at about 19:30 UTC, so I end with 29 QSO. 23 on 10m and 6 on 15m. Did unfortunately not have much time for this international event this year. But after all am lucky with the new DXCC.

Vanochtend deze Zaterdag wel de radio aangezet. Maar niet veel tijd ervoor gehad. Eerste QSO was laat in de middag op 10m. Maar helaas ging 10m vroeg dicht. Dus maar omlaag naar 15m. Vandaag maar 9 QSO's gemaakt alleen met USA en Canada. Hopelijk heb ik er Zondag wat meer tijd voor.

Zondag: Vanochtend de computer en radio laat aangezet. En dan geen tijd tot 14:30 UTC. Heb me geconcentreerd op de 10m band en wat QSO's gemaakt. De meesten weer met USA en Canada. CW is toch meer geluk dan wijsheid voor mij, de computer doet alle werk. Opeens kwam ik voorbij het signaal van 5X1NH in Uganda, een paar roepjes later is het QSO gemaakt. Een nieuwe DXCC. 10m ging weer vroeg dicht ongeveer 19:30 UTC dus nu maar gestopt. Uiteindelijk 29 QSO's gemaakt waarvan 23 op 10m en 6 op 15m. Had er dit jaar helaas niet veel tijd voor. Maar ben toch blij met de nieuwe DXCC.


  1. Good evening Bas, 10 meters and 15 were great out this way. I was on 10m local time at around 10:30 and it was still going strong around 4pm. 15m was great as well and I kept going back and forth between the two.

  2. Hello Mike, well I remember times that 10m was open till 22:00 UTC (23:00 local time here). So a 10m closing 19:30 is early to me. Anyway, I did take advantage of some of it and worked at least 1 new DXCC. 73, Bas

  3. Bas, a contest for the records books, for my station anyhow. 10 and 15 were the highlight with Sunday being bittersweet. The radiation storm effected communications for a bit but the high bands seemed to bounce back nicely. I only worked into Europe on Sunday morning on 10 meters and I think I worked not more than 3-4 stations. It would have been great to have a path on 10 meters across the pond but I won't complain as it was my best effort yet. I would have enjoyed hearing 5X1NH! 73

  4. Hello Phil, at least there was a small opening to Europe. Hopefully the 10m prop. has improved next year so you get some more multipliers from over the pole. 73, Bas


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