Monday, February 6, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it will affect HAMradio

 Some of you readers will have to suspect something, others will not. Last month I generated two posts almost completely with AI. Even the pictures were made with AI. No one commented yet but those two posts were one of the most read last month. It does raise some questions. Do other bloggers make use of AI? Is this affecting everything you read on the internet? Is AI always right? Is AI affecting HAMradio in the future?

I discovered AI is already affecting HAMradio. VE4VR William already made a experimental setup using ChatGPT. See and hear for yourself:

Original article:

Artifial chatbots are not new. But they get better every year. In time you will not know if you're talking to a real person or a artificial bot. 

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Paul Sobon said...

ah, VE4VR beat me to it! I was starting on doing the same thing. Our future is here!