Thursday, February 23, 2023

The mysterious MZV72 station?

 Worked this station tuesday evening after I was intrigued by the callsign. 

The question is: is it a pirate or a military cadet station?

Worked royal airforce cadets before on 60m digital and phone. But they always had a MRE call. Searching on the internet didn't reveal much. After posting it on the 60m FB page DB6LL Hartmut came with something he found at He discovered the stations locator (if real?). I discovered more:

There seems to be a MZV11 and 40 as well, all from the same locator. When searching for other stations on this locator I found the call M72ZV and M40ZV as well, looking the same but more in amateurradio call format. So I found G3TXL Angus from this area with exact the same locator. I decided to write him an e-mail for clarification since his locator is exactly the same as the MZV stations he would probabely know. Angus was very fast responding to my e-mails and didn't know about the stations. However he happened to know another HAM who's also in the military and at least knows about cadet stations. He assured the MZV stations are legal and cadet station. The locator they use is probabely not their real locator and they change calls regulary. It is a secret from which part of the military this is. As far as I know in the Netherlands we are allowed to contact any user on the HAM bands that is legally transmitting there. It might not be allowed in other countries.


Hartmut Luedtke said...

Thank you Bas for your effort and research.
73 Ham, DB6LL

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Hartmut, you did the work before me. Thanks very much as well. 73, Bas

Chris CT7AMT said...

Perhaps RSGB or Ofcom might be able to clarify? Give them an email, see what they say ...

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Chris, tnx for you comment. I don't think the RSGB and Ofcom have anything to say about the military. It is completely out of their jurisdiction I believe. The military can operate legally on their given radiofrequencies. They are primary user on 60m, we secondary. Actually in the Netherlands we are not allowed to cause interference or interfere with military transmissions. You can imagine most of what the military does is kept secret for a reason, even why a cadet radiostation is doing on the ham bands and making contacts on FT8. 73, Bas

Bastiaan said...

Hallo Bas,

Ik zou jouw graag willen spreken over een probleem met VDSL2 lijnen. Mijn Email is: