Saturday, February 4, 2023

VarAC video, how it works

 I got a lot of comments about VarAC when I mention it. Most times people want to try it but find it difficult to start a new software package and configuration. It is hard to explain in a few minutes how it works and what it really is and does. But this video from Tech Minds explains everything very well. If you like to know more about the VarAC package I recommend to watch it.

I would not say that is better as FT8. It is just what you want. Do you want to communicate with people or just exchange signal reports? I got some comments that JS8Call (another similar digimode software package) is more sensitive and so better for DX. From what I experienced that is not true. VarAC is just as sensitive and very robust. But there are differences between the packages. It is just what you like most.

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