Thursday, May 14, 2020


Remember my projects to come list? Well, from the 14 projects I have 13 to go for. I'm busy with several projects at the same time. Received this package from Russia today. I find this fascinating. I remember the time I first met a Russian station on 11m in the early ninetees of last century. The guy was from Minsk and a TV technician. Amateurradio was well known Russia of course, but to be on CB/11m for Russian stations was go. Now you still don't find many on 11m but though there are some active and probabely have a history as amateurradio stations. Decades ago it almost wasn't possible to receive or send packages to Russia. Now it is very common to receive packages from all over the world. This package contains a X-phase QRM eliminator kit from Anton RA0SMS. Now I need time building it besides so many other projects....

Tomatoes, did I tell you I can't wait. You were all waiting for the update I guess. We just moved the best plants out in the garden bed inside the glass house. As you can see they didn't really like to get separated from their family in the small pot. But in a few days they will get used to their new place and grow strong...


  1. Good evening Bas, I will be interested once the kit is completed how it works for you? Do you have a case in mind for the unit? Oh, and by the way I looked up in my log the PF75FREE contact and these are the details that were in the log:
    May 10th
    18:06 contact started
    18:08 contact ended
    20 meters
    RST sent -1
    RST rec -11
    Frequency 14.7436.
    As I remember the contact was not going very easy, so I shifted my transmit to an open spot on the band as I felt others may be trying to contact you on your transmit frequency and knocking me out. Once I change my transmit frequency the confirmation came through. But then again computer QSO's can be very interesting and sometimes the PC takes things for granted at my end and grants a QSO when there may not have been.
    73 Bas and looking forward to the report once you get the kit put together and functioning.

    1. Hello Mike, I remember you had a similair x-phase qrm killer in de past. It did work for you I believe. Have no case in mind yet, it has to work first.

      You can check if you are in the log here:

      As far as I can see you're not in the log. But I can ask Bernard (PF75FREE) if he can view the ALL.TXT to look what happened.

      73, Bas

    2. Mike, Bernard PF75FREE just contacted me. You´re in the log. His log on clublog does need to be updated. 73, Bas

    3. Great news to hear I am in the log....were you the op at the time? If so then we have made out first blogger contact between us after many tries. As for the QRM killer yes I had the MFJ 1026 and it worked great. But like always I sell thing to only realize in the future I now need them.
      Have a great weekend Bas,

    4. Hello Mike, no I'm not the operator of PF75FREE, I am from PE75FREE. There are 10 different calls in the 75FREE(DOM) range. We are a team of operators doing this event together. But each with his own call. 73, Bas

  2. hi bas
    let us all know the progress of QRM eliminator, good luck.
    stu 2e0xxo


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