Monday, May 11, 2020

PE75FREE 10 days update

Worked 1500 QSO with 66 DXCC personally. Overall the 75FREE activation does good. Over 100 DXCC are worked. More as 5100 uniques and over 8000 QSOs in total. There are already 3 stations that earned the gold award.


  1. It would be interesting at the end to see the level of activity for each mode for each of the stations. The number of P*75FREE stations on CW seems to be very low.

    1. Hello John, most of the operators except may be PC75FREE are really SSB operators. I'm doing my best to do some CW but my skills are not that good. I panic as sson as I get a pile-up ;-). Most of the QSOs are made with FT8 I'm afraid. 73, Bas

  2. Going strong Bas!
    BTW don't underestimate the CW skills and activity of Marcel PG74FREE.


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