Friday, May 1, 2020

#60m band DX April 2020

Actually I had less time to be on 60m DX this month. Traditionally this is always the busiest time of the year on my job and when I came home I was just exhausted and too tired to switch on radios. The COVID-19 virus doesn't make it easier for us all and gives a lot of stress at times as well. However I made some DX at last....

I have been looking to make a QSO with Uruquay for the last few months put it didn't happen till this month. I worked CX3CC on 12-April. Unfortunately besides his profile I couldn't find much about this station, no photos only few logs. Only confirms QSL direct, no eQSL or LOTW unfortunately.

Next was a difficult QSO with OA1F from Peru. Is 60m allowed in Peru? I don't think so....but we made a QSO first and worry later. The QSO was made on 13-April. Since I didn't receive Carlos his RR73 I had to write him an e-mail to see if he logged me. He was answering fast: I am in the log. And already received confirmation via LOTW.

I think April is not the easiest month to do DX work on 60m. Days are getting longer and nights shorter making the periods for good DX signals short as well. Last new one this month was Jamaica 6Y6STAYHOME SES station from 6Y5HN Nigel. Easy to work actually and fast confirmation via LOTW.

Above only the new ones on 60m, I certainly made some other DX as well. VR2CH (Hong Kong), FR4NT (Reunion Isl.), ZS5LEE (South Africa) and HP1CDW (Panama) were all making it into the log.

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