Friday, April 17, 2020

Projects & ideas to come @PE4BAS

A lot of ideas for projects are coming to my mind lately. But time is my enemy and lately it is very busy at the job, when I come home I'm too tired to finish anything or even start a project. The weekends are occupied as well. I've projects that are going on for years and are still unfinished, others involving antennas are my wish to do this summer. My mind starts to get overloaded so I decided to make a list for myself here and for you to read.

So, what's the tomato plant picture? Have I told you, I love tomatoes and eat them every day!
Well, my wife and I have decided to grow our own tomatoes and cucumbers besides the usual grapes in our glasshouse. We use the same technique 2 years ago, just plant a few slices of your favorite tomato and it will grow. But it takes time, just like my projects....
Occasionally I plan to inform you about growing these tomatoes, like it or not ;-)

This is my list of ideas and projects, some are ongoing, some still need to start, some will only be in my mind (and dreams) is possible I update this post over time. The list is not in order of priority.

1. Finish the bluetooth CAT/audio control for my portable setup. I started this years ago, there is progress but it is unfinished.

2. Build a DK7ZB 5 band quad antenna. Some of the components are ordered!

3. Build a 70MHz (4m band) yagi, have enough components to make one.

4. Test a tree as antenna on WSPR, I have been writing about this, Tested a setup and it works but never made any contact. Actually would like to experiment a bit more.

5. Test a 1/4 wave 60m band sloper antenna. I build one, made a few photos and made some DX with it but want to compare it with my inverted-V before I come with a conclusion and write a blogpost.

6. Experiment with a X-Phase QRM eliminator, ordered a building kit but not received yet.

7. Experiment with a earth electrode antenna for 160m.

8. Experiment with receive antennas, might be rotatable loop or something else...

9. I do have a dualband VHF/UHF beam in the tower. I tested it with the analyzer it it looks good. But it is already waiting to get connected for some time. Really need to experiment with it before I remove it from the tower again.

10. Decide what to do with my old radio, the IC-706MK2G. It has a defect so selling it is no option, it has to be repaired or I keep it and use it on bands that are doing well.

11. Do some WSPR tests with portable setup at the shoreline.

12. Order a Raspberry Pi to build a more versatile WSPR receive station.

13. Do some WSPR runs instead of FT8 in weekends

14. Learn CW (morse code) and make a CW QSO without the use of a computer. I did try numerous times but never continued to master it. Too much distraction....I hope to find a way to learn it anyway.

Last updated 22-May-2020


  1. Interesting list, Bas. One of my own projects: to use a tree as an antenna for WSPR and to start when you do! I've thought about this too and have plenty tall trees here. Let me know when to begin so we can compare notes :-)

    73 - John

  2. Well, that makes my own lack of progress feel a little more acceptable! I was talking about your tree antenna experiment just the other day. I will have to try it one of these days. I can hide from the Police in a forest, quite easily; I should have inherited my Polish ancestry's abilities in evading authority!

  3. Since the tree I want to use is not on my property it has to wait till winter I guess. We have new neighbours and they have to get used to my unusual experiments. Of course I could choose another tree, a public one. But this would be out of the comfort of my own shack. 73, Bas


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