Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Old antenna tower pictures (2)

Found some more pictures...Paul PC4T wish he had a tower like me, but it is big you need room.

The tower in the garden at my old QTH. It just fitted!
The garden was 6m wide and 20m long. Had the Diamond CP6 still on top which was swapped for a multiband GP later.

John MW1CFN noted I could use the tower as one leg of a sloper. I did at that QTH.

A 3 band sloper I believe. At least 80m and 40m, I guess 20m as well?

The shortened 160m band sloper with a coil. I added a cap head later, not really a hat on top but on top of the coil 1m above ground. I won a 160m band contest with this, nr. 1 Netherlands

One last one from the other side of our previous house....

Notice the big did help to get rid of birds on the beam. Though really brave birds just sat on the CP6 radials.


  1. Hallo Bas,
    Leuk die oude foto's van je voormalige antennemast.
    Ik kan mezelf nog herinneren dat er ook een video van is.
    De mast stond er toen fier bij. Ik hoop dat de mast en antenne je net zoveel plezier en goede dx zullen gdven als op de oude lokatie. 73 Hans. PE1BVQ

    1. Klopt Hans, filmpje is hier te zien:

      Mast gaat zeker werken....stuk hoger als mijn clark pomp mastje van 9m. 73, Bas

  2. I should have known you would already have a set of slopers ;-)

    Very nice set-up. At least you seem to have had a reasonable degree of latitude to place a tower.

    Permission for towers in the UK tends to be difficult, and prone to claims about 'interference' that has not actually happened, and 'health hazards' for which there is no published evidence. Unfortunately, councillors and officers are not very technically aware, and tend to listen too much to such claims.

    Luckily, if one places an antenna tower up and the council do nothing for four years, it becomes lawful under current UK legislation. That's what I did, though it was a very long four years!

    1. I could have done it that way as well. Actually the mast I had to support my multiband coppertape vertical needs a permit as well. But it was a temporary mast so I didn't apply for it. This versatower has much more impact on the view from neigbours gardens so I didn't want to take the risk. By the way, these are old pictures from the mast. I don't think I will use slopers again at this location but you never know...
      Permission for towers here is not that difficult as I'm not living in a city. The only problem was the visual impact from the street as we are almost living in a monumental home. Luckely examination did agree the mast was far enough from the building so there was no problem the grant me a permit. However it took half a year before I finally got one. 73, Bas

  3. Hallo Bas, indrukwekkend. Ik vrees dat de welstandscommissie in Heiloo dit niet zou goed keuren. En mijn buren ook niet. Zelfs over mijn 6 meter antenne en mijn EndFed kreeg ik nog vaak commentaar. 73 Paul PC4T

    1. Hallo Paul, ja ik weet het. In de randstad is dit in geheel niet eenvoudig. Maar ik weet ook niet of het leuker is om met beperkte antennes te werken als met een super-de-luxe mast met een grote beam er op. Kijk, ik heb die mast nou eenmaal en ik heb de ruimte dus waarom zou ik het niet neerzetten. Maar heb ook een magnetic loop die ik binnen in huis gebruik, en daar heb ik ook veel lol mee. De hobby bestaat nou eenmaal uit zoveel dingen en mogelijkheden die niet voor iedereen mogelijk zijn. 73, Bas


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