Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Old antennatower pictures

I recently found some old photos from previous antenna towers I had. Nice to see what I had in the past. Great to see those old pictures again...

Not shure which year this was taken but I think it was around 2000. The big cross yagi is for receiving sats on 70cm and worked very well. On the mast is on top the W2000 I still use, below a 70cm/2m horizontal yagi, a 6m HB9CV and a HB9CV for 10m.

Same mast different antenna. The big one is the 6 elem. log periodic for 10m.
Had several antennas on the mast including a 2 element PDL2 Quad. Unfortenately can't find any photos from that at the moment. I think this one was taken in 2002.

After moving across the street (bought a house after renting the previous one). I already bought the versatower. On top a homemade GP with 1:9 balun for HF, the horizontal dual band 70cm/2m yagi and then the 10m logper. At the side a Diamond X30 for 2m/70cm. Made this photo winter 2006.

The mast at my previous QTH from another point of view...made from a new building which unfortenately blocked my DX path to Japan/New Zealand. Photo made in 2007 just a year before we moved to our previous home.

It could be I have other photos somewhere on a disc. Have to search for it one of these days, months, years ;-)

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