Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 highlights, 2016 goals

DXCC confirmed eQSL/QSL/LotW (red is worked)
This year is almost over. Time to review 2015 radiowise. It was a historical interesting year as we are finally allowed on the 60m band since 2 December 2015. The first 12 DXCC are already confirmed by QSL and eQSL. To start at January, I did meet my goal to build the 30m WSPR AXE transmitter from W5OLF. I did work some more JT65 and JT9 this year and actually without much problems I had in the previous years. Unfortenately I was not able to participate fulltime in the February PACC contest and therefore chosen the QRP section in which I obtained 10th place. I had a lot of fun participating as PE45FREE special event station in May, I would do it again if asked. I won the first Dutch Kingdom Contest in the single operator low power all band section, not bad for a first time. There were not much radio activities in summer except for some 6m activity, I really had to make time for that and hoped for another transatalantic contact but it didn't happen this year. From September we were waiting for the 60m band to get on. And then finally at 2 December we were allowed to get on 60m. I had my most memorable contact this year on the new 60m band with a Aeronautical Mobile. A QSO with Jeroen PH9HB/AM flying in a Boeing 737 at 13km height above France.

VERON honor roll, climbed 1 place
The goals for 2016. Most important and if time & money allows me I have to install the versatower. I decided on which place in the garden it will be standing. But I have to do some digging and gardenwork first before I can actually begin to think about installing the mast. These things require a very good planning as you cannot afford mistakes. Then my endless search for new WSPR DXCC. I really have to increase WSPR activity, I've seen so many DXCC in the activity list I still don't have in my log and I only obtained 2 new ones in 2015! Actually I am busy to rebuild my old ACER laptop to make it were it was intend for at the first place.....radiohobby. I hope to install the new WSJT-X 1.6 on it and do some WSPR. The laptop is not even using half the current the desktop takes. Of course I still hope for some ATNO DXCC but with the decreasing propagation I don't think I will reach another 11 in 2016, time will learn about that. Finally we, as family, have been saving for a trip to.....that's a secret. But I will take the radio with me and it will be a vacation in foreign country.

I've been thinking about that challenge of working 100 DXCC QRP in 100 days or less. A nice certificate will be send to you. It would be a nice goal for the first 100 days. But QRP is taking a lot of time and 100 DXCC is a lot! I might give it a try just to see how far I get...

Like always the year is ending. We already are at the last sentence of 2015. Wishing all my blog readers a prosperous, healthy, happy new year and lots of DX in 2016.


  1. Interessant Bas, dat je mooie overzichten heb gemaakt.
    Altijd leuk om achteraf alles eens te bestuderen en het is tevens een terugblik met mooie herinneringen.
    Ik hoop dat 2016 nog succesvoller zal zijn maar mijn complimenten voor je onverzadigbare inzet en moeite die je daar voor doet.

    Bedankt voor de altijd interessante blog-items
    Ik hoop ook volgend jaar weer te kunnen genieten van je blog .
    Fijne jaarwisseling en tot het volgend jaar.
    73 de Hans, PE1BVQ

  2. Hallo Hans, jij ook bedankt voor je raad en daad af en toe. Wat betreft de moeite, die hoef ik er nooit voor te doen. Het komt allemaal als vanzelf. Als ik er heel veel moeite voor moet gaan doen is het geen hobby meer. En zoals je weet is het schrijven in dit blog een stukje van de hobby voor mij. Zelf kijk ik ook weer vaak terug naar dit soort stukjes. Prettige jaarwisseling 73, Bas

  3. Happy New Year, Bas!e

    Good luck with the tower. Make sure there's enough room if it is a tilting tower, and align things N-S. I used just under 3 cubic metres of concrete, and the antenna has stayed up without retracting through a large number of strong winds in excess of 140km/h so far.

    Beyond that, I might ask you one day for any help I need with my own WSPR module!


    1. Hello John, I've installed this mast before. It has a ground post that goes 2 Mtr into the ground. So it doesn't need that much concrete. Room in the garden is the biggest problem. My wife likes to have flower beds everywere. So I can't guarantee it will not lay down partly in the flowerbeds. If I can help you with your WSPR project just ask. I don't know everything but might know people that do. Happy new year to you & yours. 73, Bas

  4. Just installed WSJT-X 1.6 here, Bas. We can try a sked if you like. Ik hoop dat je veel plezier in 2016! 73


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas