Saturday, December 5, 2015

Chinese KX-3 clone?

Is this the answer from the Chinese on the Elecraft KX-3? Well, I don't know. Haven't seen this one on any other blog. The type of radio looks very much like the populair little Elecraft. And it isn't exactly cheap like we always think about Chinese radios. The FX-9A seems to be a follow up on the FX-4A. You can find some videos on youtube.

eBay FX-9A for as long as the link is there!


  1. Interesting to see this and so many other radio designs that make an attempt at credibility by stealing various aspects from the original designers, most notable the "Forty-9er" (an old Norcal/Burdick kit's name) and a 2kw amp that looks identical to one designed and sold by OM Power.

    John AE5X

    1. It's all about money John. I doubt the HAM radio community is getting any better from this. 73, Bas


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