Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kidsday 2016

Kidsday, perfect weather for such a event. It was cold and the windows were blinded with ice. What else to do then playing, watching TV and......make a radio transmission. You're never young enough to start HAMradio ;-). It is only 5 years ago my daughter Anneli was born. And today she made her first 3 QSOs on Kidsday. We announced ourselves at Facebook, Twitter and DXcluster with success. We first made a QSO with PE1RIK Bart with Hugo on the mike, 9 years old. Then we had a QSO with ON6HE Eddy and the last QSO was made with DN4DIY Pierre who was 13 years old. I made a video from all 3 QSOs but they have quite a length, so I decided to publish only the first QSO as this was in my opinion the most interesting. Since english is difficult for small kids it is all in the dutch language.


  1. Leuk Bas, "jong geleerd is oud gedaan" zeggen ze altijd. Wie weet krijgt ze nog meer interesses in hamradio. Mooi dat deze mogelijkheid er is om op jonge leeftijd wat te proeven van het zendamateurisme. 73 Hans, PE1BVQ

    1. Hallo Paul, ik hoop dat ze er wat interesse voor krijgt. Dit vond ze wel leuk, maar na 3 QSOs had ze het ook wel weer gezien. Volgend jaar maar weer even kijken. 73, Bas


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