Monday, September 9, 2013


Long time radiofriend PD7BZ Bernard was also portable taking part in the fieldday contest from national park Sleenerzand (PAFF-061). I met him on 40m sundaymorning and had a nice chat. I know Bernard for a long time and we already  had these chats decades ago when we were both CB operators. Nice to meet him again. The video is bad quality as I had nothing else then my old phone to record it. But it gives a impression of my operating position.

Mijn goede radiovriend PD7BZ Bernard was ook portabel en aktief in de velddag contest vanaf nationaal park Sleenerzand (PAFF-061). Ik kwam hem tegen op 40m zondagmorgen en we hadden even een leuk QSO. Ik ken Bernard al erg lang en decennia geleden hadden we dit soort QSO's al op 27MC. Leuk om hem weer eens te ontmoeten. De video is helaas slechte kwaliteit, ik had alleen maar m'n telefoon om het op te nemen. Maar het geeft een idee van hoe ik zat te werken.

Update: Photo's from the setup of PD7BZ/P published with permission:


  1. It's always great to run into old friends on the radio. I have formed radio friendships with people I have never, and will probably never meet. But you would think that we grew up together or where neighbors. And in Ham Radio speak, we are all neighbors, assuming there is propagation of course ;0)

  2. Thanks for the comment Phil. I agree with you, we are all hamradio neighbours. 73, Bas


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