Saturday, November 4, 2023

Capturing the magic of radio

 These days it is hard to tell people about the magic of radio. Many think it is like listening to the regular (local) broadcast station. But our hobby is so much more. Of course you can call people by phone, or contact people from other countries through the internet. But before we had such technology we had radio. We still have radio and radioamateurs have the possebility to contact other radioamateurs from around the world. There is still something magical talking to people from a far away country. Today I tried to capture some of that magic recording 3 contacts I had early this morning on 28MHz phone (USB). 

First contact was with JH0QEV Kohji who was calling CQ with huge signals. Viewing his QRZ page I found his antenna setup. No wonder he had a good signal here.

Second contact was with FK8HW Tibo. I was really surprised by this station. It was not long ago that I worked New Caledonia for a new DXCC. And certainly this is a new one on 10m for me. Tibo was working with just 10W and a dipole!

Third contact was with JJ2IJU Aki

I also had a contact with YJ0CA Chris from Efate Isl. Vanuatu this morning. No audio recording from that unfortunately.


NN4DX said...

Hello Bas,
Great posting. When living in Southern California many years ago and N6LHZ, I was tuning 6-meters I came across a station calling CQ one evening in SSB. Turned out to be New Caledonia. No body was calling him so with 10W to five elements I worked. Darn if he wasn't there the next night calling CQ and no one calling him. What a rush to work him on 6. Great hobby.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Tnx Don, I was having a blast. What an excitement. Making phone contacts is so much more fun as DXing with FT8. I can imagine the excitement you had working FK8 on 6m. And remembering such a contact a lifetime long. 73, Bas