Monday, September 28, 2020

#CQWW RTTY contest 2020 review

Event: CQWW DX RTTY 2020
Section:  Single Operator Low Power  All Band 
Logger: N1MM+ newest version
RTTY engine: MMTTY & 2Tone
Station: Icom IC-7300 100W
Antenna 1: Multiband Inverted-V 2x20m ladderline fed, apex @12m agl
Antenna 2: Multiband vertical @16m only used on 15m
Antenna 3: 4 element LFA for 10m @14m

The IC-7300 worked as advertised. In my opinion it is the ultimate setup to work RTTY. If you're running it is just a matter of paying attention and push the right function keys at the right moment. I didn't have all the time last weekend but worked about 70 QSO in 80 minutes on 80m at Sunday evening, so it went well there. However on other bands it was tough, running was no option with "only" 70W. I know it is all a matter of propagation and antennas, both not in my favour. Best DX on 20m was probabely with WI9WI Wisconsin, USA over a auroral path given the fluttering signal. Yes, I did hear (see) DX on 20m and 40m but most didn't see me unfortunately. I don't want to blame anyone but I got the impression some stations do not receive well on RTTY. For that the IC-7300 with tone pass filter is excellent. Some propagation was present on 15m and 10m on saturday evening. On sunday I only worked T70A on 15m in the evening, it was the only station I could decode on 15 at that time. Strange thing, I saw some strong signals on the FT8 freq. there. So, no one noticed 15m was open I guess. I checked 10m regularly but nothing could be heard (decoded).

Anyway, what's the news? Well I guess I broke my personal record. I realized that when I was looking for my last year efforts on the CQWW RTTY website. I once worked 213 in a high power effort 10 years ago (probabely mistaken, I never had more as 100W), This year I made 300 contacts, wow, and I didn't even spend much time in the contest. It has to be the great setup I guess.

Map from some of the contacts. Since locator is not needed the
software has difficulties displaying all contacts.


  1. Replies
    1. Tnx Peter, ik kan me natuurlijk niet met jou meten. Heb vergeleken met jou ook maar een paar uurtjes meegedaan. ALs ik wat meer tijd had gehad had er nog wel wat meer in gezeten. Misschien een keer als ik met pensioen ben en het hele huis af is ;-). 73, Bas

  2. Good morning Bas, very nice job on the RTTY contest, and I was on the radio on the weekend and on the band scope saw the far end of the band very busy with RTTY signals. The conditions for sure were challenging with a very high solar A index over the weekend. In days gone by I was very active with RTTY but for some reason just seemed to migrate back to CW contesting.
    Very good results and congratulations on setting a new person high in contacts.

  3. good job bas,now i know why 17m was so quiet
    everyone was doing the rtty contest.


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas