Wednesday, September 16, 2020

#60m 5Z4VJ Kenya worked

I was lucky yesterday. After my successful efforts with WSPR I managed to have a QSO with 5Z4VJ from Kenya. Andy was formerly on air as 5Z4/G3AB and I have seen him once on 60m with that call but so far I didn't work him (I did on other bands). It was late in the evening and after I finished my previous blogpost I decided to have a look on facebook. First of all a posting from DB6LL, my fellow 60m band DXer, showed up. He worked 5Z4VJ earlier in the evening. Most of the time a DX station is long gone after a hour or so. But I decided to have a look on 60m just to be shure. And was surprised to see 5Z4VJ with signals up to -02dB which is quite strong on FT8. However the pile-up was still huge and it took me some time. But finally I managed to get into the log.

So, you think, another 60m band DXCC worked. What's so special? Well, with 161 DXCC worked on 60m it is getting more difficult to contact a new DXCC. Every new one is special now. The 60m band is not allowed in every country and so there are a limited amount of DXCC that can be worked. I like the challenge, it gives me a real feel of hunting DX. One of the things I like in this hobby.

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