Wednesday, September 9, 2020

#60m CP6CL Bolivia worked

I'm very happy with this Bolivia contact. I've been chasing this station since last year and almost got him around Christmas last year. It seems he doesn't have a really good receive or has a lot of noise, around that time and he didn't decode me. Of course I programmed the call in the HamAlert app so I can see when he is on air on 60m. I recently noticed CP6CL was active around 4:45 UTC (6:45 local time for us). But every time I was on the radio at that time he was already gone or I didn't decode/receive him. But this morning he was reasonable strong and up very high in the waterfall which is favorable for me. Actually I saw him jumping around everytime even further up. And finally after a couple of times calling he decoded me with -20dB. 

All the DXers that tell us FT8 or any other digimode isn't real DX are wrong, I got at least the same fun chasing DX stations like this one and feel exactly the same happiness when a contact is finally made... 

Counting 160 DXCC worked now on 60m. This one was not only new for me on 60m but also a ATNO.

I know I'm very controversial but I think we don't need any QSL exchange anymore for proof that we made the contact. A QSL card, digital or paper, is a nice trophy of course but taking a screenshot like this one is proof enough I think. (I will now get the curse over me from all those QSL card chasers ;-) )

Fun to see how the amateurradio world changed so much in the last 3 years.,,,


  1. Congrats on the ATNO, Bas. My 30-80m antenna is down for the summer season and I miss those bands! I consider a ClubLog screenshot as proof of a QSO but anyone can put any callsign into their WSJT, JTDX software and make it look like you worked the indicated station. Last week, a station calling itself P5DX worked a number of stations on 20m.

    73 - John

    1. You're absolutely right John, I expected a answer like this. Of course I've thought about that as well. It is just that I want to see peoples thoughts about this. Why is the antenna down in summer? Is it the hurricane season at your side of the globe? 73, Bas

    2. Thunderstorm season - lots of lightning. Next month, I'll be back on the low bands.
      73 - John


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