Thursday, February 6, 2020

UKEICC contest rehearsal for PACC 2020

I took part in this contest last year as well. The UKEICC 80m contests have a fun format. Just one hour of contesting and already a certificate and results next day. That's the way I really like it.
They improved a lot since last year, a complete new website and more competitors makes it much more fun.

Visit their site at:

I wasn't too fanatic yesterday, did some S&P when searching for a free frequency to run on in the first few minutes. I moved up after I got a lot of QRM on my running frequency. Did run till 20:55UTC and S&P the last 5 minutes. A relax contest to test the equipment and N1MM+. I did not look at the DX cluster since it has no use in this contest, almost no one is spotting. I achieved 13th place overall and 4th place in the low power unassisted section.


  1. Nice one! Short contests are the future. I certainly have no time to sit there for 24 or 48 hours; it's ridiculous (and biased against those with families, etc).

    Hope you do well. I'll be going away for the weekend, but may work from the coast, if the waves are not too big!

    1. Hello John, it is certainly worth trying just for fun. All is well here. We are lucky the storm forecast is late sunday afternoon. So I will retract antennas after the contest. Have a good weekend....73, Bas


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