Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Small JTDX v2.1.0 rc147 issues

I had questions about it and luckely they I got help from a friendly HAM on the JTDX evaluation site on facebook. Remember the rc versions are always evaluation versions, they can contain bugs. But overall my experience is that they work very well. The benefit is that you can experience en experiment with software that decodes better compared to WSJT-X and has many more features.

The issues:

What does the --style=fusion add? Well, see the pictures on the right. If you like the difference (the non fusion style is at top) you can add --style=fusion at the end of the commandline (you can find it at the JTDX icon -> properties at your desktop).

I installed the 64 bit version and noticed it has less audio output compared to older versions. If you have your soundcard already at 100% there is a problem if you don't get full power.
Luckely I can change the audio input since I have a Icom IC-7300. I changed USB mod level from 35% to 40%.

The last issue is that it is recommended to delete or rename JTDX.ini. However, this file contains the complete configuration of JTDX. If you delete it you have to configure everything again. Personally I didn't delete it and till now everything works fine, no problems at all. But if you experience trouble with the software you can try delete JTDX.ini first and configure everything again to see if it solves any problems.

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