Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Nice surprise

I just received a nice surprise package from Lars PH0NO. I understand that RA1L has send all these awards to Danny ON4VT at first. It's a real surprise someone has the real HAM spirit to thank everyone that participated as activator in the WCA 10 year anniversary event. So, thank you RA1L...

In the package was not just one certificate but also 2 tokens and 2 magnets. I'm  certainly not a award collector but appreciate the effort another HAM takes to do this.

I like this rememberance token the most, it will get a nice place in my shack. It was fun to activate 5 castles for this event last summer...

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  1. That is very good of them, and a lovely gift! Russians have a very strong ham spirit. Then again, with Russian ancestry, I would say that!


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