Sunday, January 5, 2020

#10m propagation 5-Jan-2020

As long as I have the great 4 element LFA monoband in my tower I need to be active on the 10m band. Actually through the week I'm not really active except for some 60m in the evening. 10m however is my main band in the weekend. And although this band looks death  it is not. So far I can make contacts every weekend. Today my FT8 robot managed to make a contact with S01WS. Yes, I was in my shack and didn't do unattended operation. I was repairing the shack seat at the same time. With the robot I don't have to click at every station for the contact, it will reply to every new CQ if a station has not been worked before, The only thing I do sometimes is rotate the antenna. That depends in which direction I suspect propagation,

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