Saturday, May 25, 2019

Radio rally Beetsterzwaag

I've been attending the radio rally in Beetsterzwaag village together with PE1BVQ Hans today. I think this is one of the better rallies exsisting. Didn't want to buy anything but it is always nice to look around and in the end I couldn't resist buying some items. 2 good variable capacitors for future experiments, a few large ferrite clamps a small card reader for reading the SD memory card out of the IC-7300 and at the end I bought a old telephone.

The old telephone is a type that was made in the fifties of last century. When we bought our house there was one hanging in the hall. I informed the seller that he could leave the phone but he didn't unfortunately. So after 10 years we have the old phone back in our hall today.

Since I had to open it to mount it I had of course a interest in the technology at the is in mint condition and if we still had a analog telephone line I'm shure it could work...

Of course we met a lot of people as well, some I knew, some that Hans knew. A few club members and the guys from PI4M contest group. I also met a old neighbour station from my 11m radio period, I guess I didn't see him for about 20 years. It's always nice to speak to some guys in real person instead of radio, e-mail of telephone.

Of course I saw a lot of interesting second hand equipment, some cheap and in bad shape, some very expensive and in better shape. Most interesting item I saw was a BC-191 transmitter, not shure if this was a transmitter as used in WWII bombers? But it was a impressive radio for shure. Don't know if it was for sale though...

Well, as always it was a very interesting radio rally and we had a lot of fun. Almost forgot to tell I met a HAM that personally knew PA0DR Dirk, and will try to get some stories from him. As regular readers know I'm busy to collect stories about the extraordinairy radioamateur that lived in my area.

I learned something as well today. Being in the repair business I'm always interested in all kind of tools or measuring tools. Today I learned what a Huntron device is and what it can do. I really never heard of such a device but it makes a electronics repair troubleshooter live a lot easier. It was always a question for me how to measure in circuit electronics but this device can do it. I'm not really in the electronics repair business, but at least I know what is needed and that it exsists. It was all kindly told to me by a HAM but unfortunately forgot his call...

If all goes well I will attend this interesting rally again next year.


  1. Very nice telephone! Kids absolutely love these phones for some reason - probably the tactile, physical nature of them, compared to today's very useful, but soul-less electronics. I think our local rally doesn't run any more, which is a real shame.

    1. We lost a few local radio rallies as well but this one is still alive. It is a hour drive with the car but it is worth it. I'm very happy with the telephone and so is my XYL. We have been searching for it for quite a while but most of them are in bad condition. This one is in mint condition though. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, het was weer een gezellige radiomarkt. Een van de betere in Nederland. Al mis ik nog steeds de Jutberg hi. De presentatie van de Huntron was erg interessant. Weer een hoop geleerd en leuke mensen ontmoet. Succes met je "nieuwe" telefoon. Eindelijk na 10 jaar.
    Bedankt voor de gezelligheid en hopelijk volgend jaar weer.
    73 Hans, PE1BVQ

    1. Hallo Hans, altijd gezellig samen zo een radio markt te bezoeken. Het was zeker weer interessant. Tot volgend jaar maar dan...73, Bas


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